Storming the C-suite!


Communications professionals like myself have long debated how they can become more effective at storming the C-suite, the subject for a panel I chaired this week at the independent PR firm forum, which is part of the global public relations summit in Miami.

Are we doing enough to influence racial diversity in PR?


A recent survey by The Public Relations Society of America shows that less than 10 per cent of those working in the North American public relations consultancy business are black or Hispanic despite the fact that those two groups make up 30 per cent of the US population, with that figure destined to reach 50 […]

Finding the value in PR and communications

I listened to an interesting discussion by senior communications directors at this year’s European Circle of Communicators held in Rome – In advance of the event participants had taken part in extensive research about trends in communications, discussed whether PR was ‘dead’ and debated how effective we are as an industry at supporting the […]

Private Equity Has Arrived in Force

Michael Murphy Consultancy

Is consolidation slowing down in the marketing services & communications sector ? Has the birth rate for new consultancies slowed in the challenging economic times of recent ?