The Risky But Rewarding Challenge of Letting Employees Fail

In Business, failure is not an option! Unless of course you want to lead an innovative team who push the boundaries of what is possible and continually look for ways to increase the efficiency of your company or grow your business. If you want a team focused on continual change and growth, you need to […]

What will the communications department of the future look like?

It is no secret that social media has turned the role of the communicator on its head. Just as the iPod did with consumers, or cloud computing has done in business technology, the emergence of Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have had a disruptive influence on the communications world. But while a lot […]

Joining Up a Country

I was fascinated to listen yesterday to Toomas Hendrik Ilves, The president of Estonia, talking in London about the role of communications and technology in promoting innovation in a country.