Joining the Circle of European Communicators in Rome

I am delighted to announce that I will again be on the Steering Committee for the Circle of European Communicators event in Rome this September.

Each year, leading corporate communications figures from across Europe gather to ‘talk about everything but communications’. Instead, the event aims to cover subjects ranging from politics, media and the economy to art and education, allowing attendees to explore ideas that reach beyond the scope of their daily work.

The Steering Committee consists of leading communication professionals who help to support an exclusive event that explores the debates, concerns and trends that impact the multifaceted environments around us.

Through peer debate, expert discussion and the exchange of novel concepts, this annual event stimulates and inspires new ways of thinking with senior communications executives from organisations as diverse as Reckitt Benckiser, The UK’s Ministry of Defence, The International Committee of the Red Cross and the European Investment Bank.

The gathering aims to create a new kind of high-level forum for chief and executive communications officers in Europe by:

Connecting the highest level communicators with each other and enable them to do what they do best: discuss.

Collecting an eclectic range of ideas and insights; giving communicators the opportunity to reflect on major issues that reach beyond the scope of their daily work.

Creating a network for sustainable knowledge exchange, stimulating and inspiring new ways of thinking, developing innovative ideas and sharing experiences.

While existing events for communication and public relations professionals focus on how to communicate by sharing best practises, this new concept concentrates on what to communicate and the trends and questions that impact our industry.

The Circle of European Communicators will be held in Rome from September 10th to 12th. To learn more about the event and the speaker line-up visit:

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